Copper Jug Water Feature - 458007

Instruction Manual

To assemble as below:

  1. Connect the flexible hose at the bottom of the 3-column part to the pump outlet.
  2. Connect the shorter cord of the pump to the LED cord which was pre-assembled to the 3-column part .
  3. Place the 3-column part onto the base.
  4. Place the pebble around the 3-column.
  5. Connect the longer cord of the pump to the transformer.
  6. Fill the reservoir with clean water and make sure the water submerges the pump fully to prevent pump damage.
  7. Plug in, the water will start to flow after a short while.


  1. Keep water clean, the water will gradually evaporate, so a low water level is a good time to replace the water. Pump should always be fully submerged in the water.
  2. Empty all water in fountain and remove the pump below outdoor temperature of 3C (37.4F).


  1. Use proper power source as indicated on the pump label. Keep the cord away from other heat sources.
  2. Keep fountain out of reach of children.
  3. Always disconnect from electrical outlet before handling the pump.
  4. Do not let pump run dry. Do not pump heated liquids. Do not lift the pump by its cord.
  5. Pump must be completely submerged for proper operation and cooling.

Hints & Troubleshooting:

  1. Be sure the fountain is on a level surface shim or level the ground if necessary.
  2. Be sure the pumps flow control switch is set to maximum (+) before operating. Once flow is established, the pumps flow can be adjusted downward if desired.
  3. If the pump operates, but there is no flow, check to ensure the pump is fully submerged.
  4. If the pump operates, but there is no flow, check and remove any kinks in the flexible hose.
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