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Thank you for purchasing a water feature. We hope you will enjoy many years of use from it.

Please read this product guide thoroughly before using your new water feature and retain for future reference.


Unpack carefully onto a clear, smooth surface. Check that you have all the parts listed below. Refer to the assembly instruction overleaf before beginning to set up your fountain.

Water Feature
Pump (may differ from image)
Transformer (may differ from image)


The transformer (if your model has one) must never be submerged or stood in water. Please also be aware the transformer will get hot while in use, this is not a fault of the product.

If you decide to replace your pump, please seek one of a reasonable standard. IP66 is the rating that we recommend. It is also highly advisable to use a residual current device (RCD) to connect the fountain to the mains electric. These can be purchased from DIY stores or verified online retailers.

If you have any concerns about setting up this water feature safely, please consult an electrical industry professional.

Pump Flow Rate

The pump has a regulator that controls the rate of water flowing through the feature. This can be found at the water inlet, on the side of the pump. Operate as shown. It is recommended that the flow starts high, then is reduced if required.


Locate the water pipe and internal cables.

Connect the water pipe to the pump and place it into the water reservoir.

Connect the cable between the pump and the water feature and screw over the collar.

Connect the cable between the pump and the transformer and screw over the collar.

Fill with water, ensuring the pump is submerged. Distilled water is recommended.

Connect the plug into your mains outlet and turn on. If installed correctly, water will start to flow.

Complete feature


The guidelines below will help you make the most of your water feature, and extend its life.

Winter Care

During winter we suggest draining and covering your fountain, or storing it inside a shed, garage or outbuilding. Freezing water in a fountain can cause irreparable damage. Please note that damage caused by exposure to winter weather is not covered by any given warranty.

Pump, Lights and Transformer

Please make sure that the pump is covered by at least 5cm of water. Regular topping up may be required in warm spells.

If your pump is working but the water is not pumping, you may have a blockage. If this is the case please check your pipe and pump inlet.

If neither the pump, nor the lights are operating then it is probable that your transformer has failed.

Flickering lights can occur when there is a build-up of algae and lime scale on the connectors between the transformer and the lights. The connectors may need to be replaced if this has occurred.

Loss of Water

Your fountain may be overfilled. Remove water if necessary.

Make sure the correct flow setting is selected if your pump offers this function. Reduce the flow rate if necessary. Make sure your water feature is completely level. If your water feature is on a slope, this can disturb the pumping process.

Evaporation, weather and wildlife can affect the water level. Regular topping up may be required, particularly in warm spells.

Finish and Paintwork

Lime scale will affect the appearance of your water feature. Clean regularly to avoid build up. The use of distilled water is recommended to minimise lime scale build up.

Paint or glaze may damage if left outside in the frost. Protect and empty the water from your fountain in cold weather to avoid this.

Parts are vulnerable to breaking off in extreme weather. Protect your fountain during high winds to avoid this.


To maintain your water feature it should be cleaned periodically to avoid a build-up of algae or lime scale. However, before doing so the feature should be drained of water and the power turned off.

The water can be emptied from small, lightweight fountains by inverting them and letting the water pour away. Take care when doing this if your water feature is made up of more than one piece, and be sure you can safely lift the weight of the feature.

For larger, heavier features, remove the water with a large sponge or by purchasing a simple syphon pipe from an aquatic supply store.

LED lights 1 Width 55cm
Power cable 10m Depth 55cm
Height 51cm

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