Connecting the Pump & Lights on Your Water Feature

Here, we'll show you how easy it is to connect the pump and lights on your water feature.

First, take the transformer and insert the pump cable into the transformer. If your pump has two cables, the longer cable plugs in to the transformer.

If the feature has lights, plug the light into the light offshoot coming off your pump. This is normally the shorter cable coming out of your pump.

Next, connect the clear tubing inside your water feature to the pump outlet. The clear tubing might be tucked up inside the fountain, so you might have to gently ease it out. Top tip: if the hosing is difficult to slide over the pump outlet, you can soften the hosing in hot water or use olive oil as a lubricant.

Ensure the pump is placed back inside the feature and fully submerged in water. Do not worry about the pump being attached to the floor of the feature; the pump should be floating freely in the water.

Lastly, once you've ensured your connections are as tight as can be, simply plug in at the wall and enjoy the soothing sounds of your water feature!

Please note: The black box of the transformer and 3-pin plug must be kept dry at all times. We recommended keeping transformers either indoors or inside a weatherproof box to prolong the life of the transformer.

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