Fountain Maintenance

Fountain Maintenance Fountain Maintenance ALWAYS shut off the power before cleaning and maintenance. Keep the electric lead away from high temperature and fire.

1 Periodically change the water and clean according to the water condition. Generally prevent the water from becoming sticky with the forming of micro-organisms.

2 Regularly check the water level, particularly in hot weather and always ensure that the level is well above the water pump.

3 Adjust the water pump flow control in order to avoid unnecessary 'splashing'.

4 Switch off the power when the fountain is not in use for long periods of time.

5 Only use the correct voltage power as indicated on the water pump.

Pump Maintenance Pumps are carefully inspected and tested in order to ensure both safety and operating performance. However, failure to follow the instructions and warnings in this document may result in pump damage and / or serious injury. We would therefore encourage you to not only read the manual but keep it for future reference.

ALWAYS disconnect the electrical power before the pump is checked. Consult a qualified electrician if you are uncertain.

Caution Do not let pump run dry.

Do not lift pump by the power cable Operate only in fresh water.

Only operate the pump completely submerged in water.

The supply cable cannot be replaced. If the cable is damaged the pump must not be used Switch off mains supply before placing your hands in the water Winter Protection (For Outdoor Use Only) Troubleshooting If the water pump fails to operate, check the following:

1 If the pump cannot pump water check if the power is correctly connected or check if sufficient water is inside the reservoir. i) Check the pump and tubing for any form of obstructions. ii) Remove the cover with the pump flow adjuster on it and gently lever off the inner cover to reveal the pump impeller and gently turn the rotor to check that it is not broken or jammed.

2 If the pump runs with low water circulation check the following:- i) The flow control on the body of the pump. ii) That the reservoir is at least 3/4 full of water.

3 If any abnormal sound is heard during the pump operation, turn off the power supply and check the rotor assembly as follows: i) Remove the pump cover and rotor plate from the front. ii) Grip the impeller and gently take out the rotor assembly from the pump. iii) Rinse the motor assembly and the housing with clean water in order to remove any grit or debris. iv) If any breakage or surface damage is found on the rotor assembly, please contact your supplier, if replacement needed. We hope you continue to enjoy your water feature for many years. This product is guaranteed for one year. Please provide proof of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights. Over a period of time the paint finish may gradually fade in colour, this is part of the natural weathering process.

During the winter period we recommend that you empty the feature of water and store in a sheltered location, eg. Garden shed or garage. Remove the pump and clean. Store in a dry, frost-free location.

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