Solar Conversion Troubleshooting & Instructions Manual


This instruction booklet contains important information for using the product for the first time. Please keep this for later reference.


1.1 The solar pump is designed for outdoor use with this water feature. In order for the solar pump to operate, the solar panel needs to be in direct sunlight.

1.2 This solar pump is equipped with a battery pack and can be switched on and off by a touch switchon the control housing. In the evening, four built-in white LEDs will give light automatically.


2.1 Unpack all components carefully.

2.2 Connect the pump to the tube within the fountain.

2.3 Let the pump float in the bottom of the reservoir and ensure its fully submerged in water.

2.4 Connect the LED light as required (Please note the water feature purchased maybe a mains conversion, the LED lights which come with the water feature will not work but you can add the solar powered LED as you wish)

2.5 Connect the pump cable to the socket of the control housing on the rear side of the solar panel; 2.6 Connect the LED light (optional) cable to the socket of the control housing;

2.7 The solar pump and water feature is now ready to use.


3.1 Handle the solar panel with care

3.2 Never let the pump run dry for a long time

3.3 Never lift the pump by the power cord

3.4 Operate in freshwater only


This solar pump is designed primarily to operate in sunlight hours but will charge extra energy to the battery to allow use later on demand on a cloudy day or night time. The pump will turn to solar mode automatically the next day in sunlight hours. The pump will never run on battery mode until you press the button.

To turn on the pump: short press of the on/off button to turn on the pump, the pump will run certain hours (ref to battery status) and turn to solar mode. The pump will operate automatically next day in sunlight hours.

Quick charge full energy to the battery: press and hold for 3 seconds to Turn OFF the pump in sunlight hours and charge the full solar energy to the battery to allow use later on demand.

Battery status:

Green: battery is fully charged. Pump will run for around 4-6 hours.

Orange: battery is half charged. Pump will run for around 2-4 hours.

Red: battery needs charging. Pump will run for less than 1 hour.

Note: The indicator light blinks when the pump is on, the indicator light is solid when pump off.


5.1 Pump does not operate even though the solar panel is in full sunlight.

> No connection to the solar panel check the connection to the solar panel.

> Impeller is blocked To clean the pump, remove the front plate and the impeller. Use a small brush or steam of water to remove any debris.

5.2 Pump does operate but there is no water running through the fountainhead check for the build up of sediment or scale in the tubes or the filter- clean the tubes and the filter.

  1. Pump on
  2. Charge extra solar energy to battery
  1. Pump off
  2. Charge full solar energy to battery

Solar runs the pump and charges the battery. Pump performance is maintained when the clouds pass. Pump runs on fully half an hour longer into the evening. Battery should be fully charged in 1 day.

Solar runs the pump and supplies extra energy to the battery. Performance is maintained when the clouds pass. Pump will only run a shorter period of time into the evening. Battery will take 2 to 3 days to fully charge.

Pump will only run when there is sufficient power from the battery. Little or no battery charging occurs so pump performance is not maintained. Battery will take several days to fully charge.

No solar power is available, pump will not run and battery will not charge. Battery will not charge.

If the pump stops running when cloudy or at night, and you want to force the pump to run for a certain amount of hours, short press to turn on the pump, the pump will run until the battery goes flat.

Note: LED lights will only function at night.


Pump: lf, after a period of time, the pump starts to lose power or stops working check for the build up of sediment, scale or dirt in the filter. Remove the pump cover and the impeller cover. Clean them and the filter by fresh water.

Solar panel: The panel should be cleaned periodically with a soft tissue. Regular cleaning of the panel is advised to maintain optimum conversion of the suns energy into direct current.


7.1 Please charge the battery for at least a day in direct sunlight before the first time using the solar pump or when you store the solar pump away for winter.

7.2 In order to keep the battery life, please charge the solar pump until fully charged and unplug the pump from the solar panel before you store the solar pump away for winter.


Solar Panel: 3 W Water Projection Height: Max. 0.6M
Operation Voltage: 9V DC LED Light (optional): 4 LED white light
Water Flow Max: 250LPH Cable Length: 5M
Water Lift Max: 1M Lithium Battery: 7.4V-2000mAH

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