Water Feature Pump Maintenance

All our water feature pumps are carefully inspected and tested to ensure safety and operating performance. However failure to follow the below instructions and warnings may result in pump damage and/or serious injury. To clean the pump in your water feature remove the front plate and impeller. Use a small brush or stream of water to remove any debris. If the pump fails to operate after this check the following:

Check the circuit breaker or another electrical device to ensure the pump is getting electrical power. NOTE, please always disconnect from the electrical outlet before handling the pump.

  • Check the pump discharge and tubing for kinks and obstructions (algae can be flushed out with a garden hose)
  • Remove the pump inlet to access the impeller area. Turn the rotor to ensure it is not broken or jammed. Monthly maintenance will add to your water feature pumps life. In order to get the best results please only operate the pump completely submerged. Keep the water level above the minimum needed all the time.

Please note:

  • Do not use the pump in flammable liquids
  • Do not use the pump in water above 30 degrees
  • Do not use the pump for industrial purposes
  • Do not use the pump in swimming pools
  • Disconnect the pump from the mains before putting your hands into the water
  • Do not lift, carry or pull the pump using the power cord

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