Extra Troubleshoot for Tidal Solar Pump

Using a small screwdriver, carefully remove the four screws from the back of the solar panel battery cover. As the cover has a weatherproof seal it will need to be lifted off carefully.

Once removed this will expose the battery and circuit board which runs the pump, timer and lights. These are 'the brains' of the product.

Start by simply disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes. This will give the circuit board a refresh and cause it to 'lose its memory'. When removing the battery, do this by gently pulling the white connector out; never pull the wires. Plug back in after a few minutes and test the solar pump and panel again to see if they are working.

You can test if the unit is working without screwing the cover back on, simply press down gently on the silver spring; the LED light should then turn green. Please only do this for a few seconds; if the pump is out of water for long periods of time it could damage the pump.

To test the LED lights please ensure either the solar panel is covered with something solid or simply turn upside down onto a table so no sunlight can reach it. (The light will only work at night as the solar panel has a photocell built in).

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